How do you compare to other Asia Cloud Hosting Providers?

We have custom built our own stack from 2nd-generation cloud hosting apps and new technology to deliver better cloud hosting convenience in automation, billing, service and performance, especially for businesses and startups in the Asian market.

We believe that SimplerCloud Servelets and Private Cloud deliver built-from-the-ground cloud infrastructure service that is faster, easier to use, and more affordable than anything found in the Asian market today.

When it comes to the Asia Cloud Hosting market, we are one of the few 100% Asian providers to offer true SSD cloud servers that are :

  1. 100% self-manageable
  2. with High-Availability failover included free
  3. with true cloud features: dedicated kernel, distributed cloud storage (not physical), real-time scalable
  4. have no long-term contracts
  5. in a Tier-3 Singapore Data Center with diverse local and regional connectivity

Strong Support for Small Business

Unlike lower cost global SSD providers, we do not provide a 100% “self-service” customer support framework. We provide a high degree of first-response guided assistance, and a comprehensive range of ad-hoc and monthly system support.

Many of our Asia Cloud Hosting customers are actually small businesses that want their won dedicated cloud server for business or ERP applications, web and email, or other online apps that benefit from dedicated Asia Cloud hosting.

Compared to Overpriced “Not Really Cloud” Hosting in Asia

In Asia, many hosting companies still use bloated, legacy hosting infrastructure platforms and pass high, enterprise-level costs down to their customers. Today, cloud hosting customers are often still subject to annual contracts and high deployment lead time for “cloud hosting.”

Expensive, (unnecessarily) complicated global cloud resource providers

Unlike many high-end and large-scale global providers that are everywhere in Asia, SimplerCloud does not package computing components by the individual resource. The latter results in expensive and complicated plans. Our plans are packaged like web hosting plans so business owners and technical administrators alike can understand and understand and manage their server plans easily.

All plans are true cloud plans, with minimum monthly commitment required. Here are the true features of cloud computing that come with every plan.

  1. Every Simple Servelet has a dedicated kernel
  2. True distributed cloud storage layer, not physical storage
  3. Every Servelet comes with High Availability Failover for no additional fee
  4. Every Servelet is priced for actual usable space, excluding space used by the OS (important for Windows users)

Bringing cloud server advantages to businesses

For many businesses, this means you can now run dedicated servelets (VMs) for enterprise applications at affordable rates instead of renting full-scale dedicated servers. This is especially so because SimplerCloud provides friendly add-on server management services. Here are the advantages:

  1. With optional ad hoc to full server management from SimplerCloud, businesses can have their own dedicated server resources for email, application, storage and other businesses processes, without having to maintain full-time IT staff.
  2. Fully scalable servelets and Private Cloud administration allow for multiple-tier network configurations

By delivering the true benefits of the cloud at affordable prices, SimplerCloud is the perfect cloud hosting partner for application developers, businesses, and anybody that wants fast, scalable, cloud hosting.