Singapore cloud VPS server plans promotion 2024

Singapore cloud VPS server plans promotion 2024


Happy Chinese New Year! In this new year of the Dragon, we are offering you 25% savings off new cloud plans for a short term only

Until MARCH 2024


Special offer! Now can get 25% off all high-performance SSD cloud plans from SimplerCloud! This includes Simple plans, Custom Cloud plans, the Virtual Private Cloud range, and Backup Plans. Promotional period only – sign up now!

    The promocode applies to all the following plan
  1. SIMPLE Plans – 1-5

  2. Custom Cloud Builder

  3. Virtual Private Cloud

  4. Cloud Backup Plans

    Service Notes:
  • The discount does not apply to any additional items purchased with it.
  • The promocode discount is for the first month of the plan selected.
  • This promotion is mutually exclusive with other offers that are ongoing in the same promotional period

Please see additional terms:
  • All promotions and promocodes are mutually exclusive
  • All plans are subject to our Service Agreement

    • This promocode expires on the stated expiry date
    • This promocode gives you a discount off the first month of the relevant plan
    • The promocode does not apply to any additional items that are purchased with the plan, such as OS fees, server configuration panels Does not apply to additional items that are purchased with the plans, such as OS fees, server configuration panels, domain registrations, SSL certificates, additional server space, additional IP addresses etc.
    • All servelets, support and billing are to be done through our online customer panel at
    • All services purchased are subject to our Agreement

    More Information: See FAQS


    Enter the promocode under the Cart Summary box on the right, the discount for the selected cloud plan price will be reflected and you can check out.

    2. Chinese New Year treat: CNY24 Top-Up Bonus for Customer Accounts

    Until 8 MARCH 2024

    For all SimplerCloud customers, top up during this promotion period and claim a special bonus for your account.

    Get the following bonus credit when you add funds to your SimplerCloud account from now until the promotion’s expiry date

    Add $108- Get $8 Credit
    Add $1108 – Get $88 Credit

    How to Get Bonus Credit:

    From now until the promotion expiry date, access your SimplerCloud account and go to Account -> Add Funds

    Add funds in the qualifying amounts as above.

    Open a support ticket from your customer panel with the promocode CNY24 in the subject line

    We will verify and process the relevant bonus credit to your account in 7 working days after the promotion ends.

    What are Funds?

    When you make a payment for your service, you can pay immediately through credit card or Paypal, or use funds in your account. Funds in your account are used to purchase any SimplerCloud service, and pay for existing invoices on your account, so make use of this flexible customer offer to get better value for your plans.

    Add Funds

    To add funds to your account from your panel, go to your SimplerCloud Account -> Add Funds

  • Add funds in the mount

      These Terms Apply Strictly

    • These top-ups are only valid for SimplerCloud customer accounts

    • Only for the first 30 top-ups in this period on a first come, first served basis

    • Applies to single top-ups of the amounts stated above only
    • Applies to top-ups between now and the expiry date only
    • Maximum of 5 top-ups per account is allowed.
    • This Bonus Promotion does not apply to customers with dedicated server, co-location or other managed server accounts, including customers with special high-volume or services that have are rendered under custom quotations.
    • This promotion is mutually exclusive with any promocode, promotion, sponsorship or offers.
    • You must choose one promotion only. If you utilize any promocode, your account will not be valid for this customer bonus promotion, and vice versa. If you apply a promocode AND participate in this promotion, we will only award your account the value of one promotional offer. If you want to find out more about which promotion gives your account the most value, please first open a ticket so we can help.
    • Customer Bonus credits will applied to the account with the valid top-up only and these credits, the account or the account value are not transferable
    • If you close your account, the value of any unused cannot be withdrawn as cash or in any form whatsoever.
    • NO refunds under any circumstances will be issued for this promotion.
    • This promotion applies to new top-ups in the promotional period only. Any existing credit in your account does not qualify you for this promotion.

    3. Up to 12% Discount for 1 Year and 2 Year Terms

    1-Year Term: Get Additonal 8% Off/ 2-Year Term: Get Additional 12% Off

    Get additional savings when you purchase a Singapore cloud VPS server plans plan for 1 year or 2 years. Up to 12% additional discount.

      Applies to all Singapore Cloud VPS Server plans from this range
    1. SIMPLE Plans – 1-5

    2. Custom Cloud Builder

    3. Virtual Private Cloud

    4. Cloud Backup Plans

    Please see additional terms:

  • All promotions and promocodes are mutually exclusive
  • All plans are subject to our Service Agreement

    • This promocode expires on the stated expiry date
    • Upfront, non-refundable payment is required.
    • All servelets, support and billing are to be done through our online customer panel at
    • All services purchased are subject to our Agreement

    Web server migration - $80 off promotion

    4. Web Server Migration Promotion

    $80 Off SSD Cloud VPS Server Migration Offer When You Sign Up For Any SimplerCloud SSD Cloud VPS Server

    Purchase any SimplerCloud SSD Cloud VPS Server for a one-year term and get a one-time $80 off our migration service. Additional $20 off for a 2-year term. The migration services will be quoted and must be purchased as separate add-ons.

    Migration of your web site is subject to the following:
    – a confirmed quotation for the migration service from SimplerCloud, as well as confirmation from SimplerCoud that we will be able to perform the migration
    – signing up for minimum 1-year term of any SimplerCloud SSD Cloud Hosting Plan

    To get started, please send us a ticket or email with the following information:
    – size of the site to be migrated in MB or GB. Estimation is OK
    – the web hosting panel used (Cpanel, Plesk, WordPress, Others please name)
    – type of files (web site files, images, documents
    – type of database (php, mysql, Microsoft SQL, others please name)

    How we will proceed – general guide.
    – based on the details provided, we will provide you a tentative quotation or estimate. After we are given access to your current server we will provide a confirmed quotation
    – once you submit the order for the SImplerCloud plan of your choice, we will configure the new server and simultaneously work on the migration of the contents
    – once the migration work is completed, we will inform you to switch the domain name service to your new SimplerCloud server.
    – once the domain name is live on the new SimplerCloud server, you may cancel or remove your old server.

    Important information:

    – Migration service quotes are based on the number of hours taken to complete the migration and configure the servers.
    – Migration service is also subject to understanding the configuration of your current web server or site. Therefore we will need your help to provide the necessary details.
    – the offer refers to sites that have web hosting panels cPanel, Plesk, WordPress, and for others, please enquire
    – we will most likely also able to migrate your web site without a web hosting panel, but we may need additional details about your site from you
    – if you do not have root access to your web files, the migration may take additional time.
    – this offer applies only to migration of contents from another server to a SimplerCloud server
    – our migration schedule is subject to availability and will be arranged with you beforehand
    – any domain migration or DNS migration must be handled by you, but we will assist where we can
    – once agreed, the migration service must be purchased and paid for upfront.


    – for a small site the migration will usually take a minimum of 3-4 hours, because time is required to double-check the the files after migration.
    – however, for a larger site, migration services may take up to several hours.
    – migration is not done live, and in almost all cases, there will be little to no down time at all.
    – we will provide an estimate based on the information you share with us, but for a confirmed quotation, you will need to provide us access to your web server to confirm the details.


    Limited Only By Space

    Now you can launch your own company messaging server for direct and group chats with multiple users in your own company or third parties. RocketChat offers private chat and messaging with web and mobile support, and is the world’s largest open source communications platform. It is built for organizations that need more control over their communications, and enables collaboration between colleagues, partners, customers, communities, and even platforms without compromises on data ownership, customizations or integrations.

    Unlike SAAS messaging, RocketChat can be self-hosted, which means that you can manage and control your own private messenger server. If you are looking for high data security standards and wide customization options, Rocket.Chat is the best option.

    RocketChat delivers a single point for secure internal and cross-company collaboration. Eliminate communication silos, boost team productivity, and operate more efficiently.
    Engage in seamless interactions with customers regardless of how they connect with you. .

    Features – all included:

    Web and mobile engine
    Unlimited rooms, discussions, and channels
    Reply, Pin, Emote, Quote, Edit, Split
    Unlimited search
    Customizable avatars
    Upload all commmon attachments files
    Unlimited 1:1 and group messaging
    Up to 10,000 push notifications per month
    Basic user sync
    End-to-end encryption
    Full messaging history (limited by storage space)
    1:1 federated messaging
    Email (basic)
    SMS (basic)

    1) Request installation of RocketChat on any SimplerCloud SSD Cloud VPS Server Plan – one-time fee of $30. Manage your own RocketChat server with unlimited users.
    2) Purchase a RocketChat Plan – your own SimplerCloud server with RocketChat installed. Private, ample space, all functions except administration. Server is administered by SimplerCloud for your convenience.

    TRIAL PRICE – RocketChat Plan (Available til 31 Dec 2023)

    (1) Full RocketChat server: 3 users, 50 GB, $10/month, minimum 6-months term
    * Add 10 users – $10/month (6-month term)
    * Add 100GB at $5mth (6-month term)

    The RocketChat app is installed on your own stand-alone SimplerCloud server, there are no shared RocketChat accounts or users from other companies.

    Contact [email protected] for a follow-up consultation today.