Host your own Exchange Server: Corporate Email & Collaboration

Your own Microsoft Exchange server on your own cloud

SmarterMail is an award-winning mail and collaboration server that is the only viable self-hosted alternative to Microsoft Exchange for workplaces, small businesses and enterprises that want Exchange-level functionality, but without the high costs associated with Exchange.

SmarterMail offers all of the same features as Microsoft Exchange at a fraction of the cost. Unlike Exchange, features like audio and video group chat, and Team Workspaces for team meetings and group collaboration are included at no extra charge.

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Key Features

Rich Webmail Client
Advanced content filtering, spam management, rules
Tasks, Team Workspaces, Group Chat
Shared Calendars, Contacts and Address Books,
Notes, File Collaboration, File Storage, Mailing lists
Video and chat
Anti-spam, Anti Virus,
Comprehensive Administration, Reporting

All Features


If you do not have a SimplerCloud Plan:

1. Select A Cloud Plan (Minimum Simple 1)
SimplerCloud , Custom Cloud

2. Selecting Ubuntu 18.04.2 under OS Templates

3. Under "Install Business Apps *", select Install Jitsi ; Submit Order

If you already have a SimplerCloud Plan:

1. Go to Business Apps Installation

2. Select the App to Install and submit the order

Support policy

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Using SimplerCloud to Host Any Business Application

Turn Your $8-$38/month Server Into Your Private Video Messaging Or Enterprise Collaboration Server.  How?

Every SimplerCloud cloud plan is a full server with root access. As long as the server resources match the software requirements, you can easily host your own corporate business ware.  Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Check your SimplerCloud plan resources against your preferred software. 
  2. Purchase your SimplerCloud Plan
  3. (Make sure to select the recommended OS).

  4. Buy or download your software and install it. If you need assistance, contact us beforehand and we can quote you for the installation.
  5. Discount:  We now offer $75 flat-fee migration, or $50% off all installation to help small businesses in this time – see details.
  6. Discount: We also will install these business apps for a flat $30 one-time fee, on any SimplerCloud server with the minimum required resources to run the software. Select the app to install when you submit your cloud plan order and it will be ready for use in 1-2 working days.

Here is a sample of how much a business owner with 10-users.

$30 One-time Installation Fee:

Plan recommendations below are based on the apps’ minimum resource requirements:

SimplerCloud 1  and above , and Ubuntu (included) ($8/month) – Rocket Chat, NextCloud

SimplerCloud 2 and above, and Ubuntu (included) ($18/month) – All the above, and Jitsi

SimplerCloud 3  with Windows 2019 ($63/month) – All of the above ($38/month with Ubuntu for Rocket Chat, NextCloud, Jitsi), and SmarterMail ($63/month)

See all plans, and see more about the above Business Apps

How to Choose Plan

If you think you need larger-sized plans because of the number of users, contact us with details of your usage and we will assist with a recommendation.

Get SmarterMail installed on you server with these special offers

Latest Promotions

Don't forget to check out our other usual promotions for more savings.

Existing SimplerCloud customers will also be able to benefit.

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50% off Installation/ Migration

We'll install or migrate your app from any hosting or cloud provider at half price, for $25/hour (usual price: $50/hour).

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$75 Migration for Common Apps

For 20GB sites running on the world's most common apps, like cpanel/whmstandard panels such as WordPress, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, SmarterMail, many Linux software stacks (please enquire), we will do full stack migration for a one-time fee of $75.

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New to SimplerCloud? Get $100 Free Credit

Top up $200, and we will add $100 free. For all new business accounts only.

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Other Useful WorkPlace Apps

Workplace Collaboration: NextCloud

Ideal content collaboration platform with workflows, file sharing, rich work spaces, video and text chat, office document editing and other collaboration apps.

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Self-Hosted Exchange: SmarterMail

Award-winning EAS/MAPI mail and collaboration server for any sized business, with rich webmail interface, workspaces, text and video chat, calendaring, contact sharing, and more.

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Corporate Work Chat: Rocket Chat

World-renowned, open source team chat software solution. Free, unlimited and completely customizable with your own on-premise VM license. Group messaging system for companies, can be run on private server using slack but worrkied about putting your communications on another company's server

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Corporate Video Conferencing: Jitsi

At the heart of Jitsi are Jitsi Videobridge and Jitsi Meet, which let you have conferences on the internet, while other projects in the community enable other features such as audio, dial-in, recording, and simulcasting.

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