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Tier-3 Singapore Data Center
All our cloud servers are hosted in a secure and well-maintained, Tier-3 government data center in Singapore that is MCST rated, as well as holding a number of security and data center-related certification. This way, all our customers advanced can rest assured that all their contents are hosted in an advanced facility with round-the-clock management. Read more about our Singapore data center facilty here.

24/7 cloud infrastructure and network monitoring
The SimplerCloud network and cloud server infrastructure is monitored and maintained 24/7 around the clock by the SimplerCloud network team so that all issues are detected and addressed immediately.

24/7 hardware maintenance
The SimplerCloud cloud server infrastructure is monitored and maintained 24/7 around the clock by the SimplerCloud network team, with hot spares ready for any issue.

Dedicated SAN Cloud Cluster
The SimplerCloud cloud deploys a “true,” seperate cluster of high-performance SAN storage servers on the network level instead of attached physical server storage for each server. This lets users enjoy several convenience features associated with “true” cloud infrastructure such as high availability on the hypervisor level, real-time upgrades in server resources, and the ability to deploy full individual operating systems and replicated custom stacks within one’s own VM.
High Availability
The SimplerCloud stack detects when one VM or servelet is down and automatically launches a new one on another hypervisor with the same contents. This kind of automatic redundancy makes sure that servers are always up and running on a mission-critical basis.

Private VLAN
SimplerCloud plans allow users to set up isolated, private networks with firewall protection for multi-tier networking and custom application layers with the SImplerCloud data center. This enables many corporate uses such as hybrid cloud, corporate VPNs and private multi-location projects, amongst others.

Encrypted Distributed Data Storage
SimplerCloud deploys a secure storage cluster with distributed data protocol encrypted data using CEPH so that storage data is isolated and secure.

Full Root Access
All SimplerCloud servelet users will have full access to their server, enabling them full permissions to install their own applications, restart and stop their servers. Linux administrators will have full root access and can access their server through any secure shell application. Windows servelet administrators can access their servelet through Windows Remote Protocol.

Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
Every servelet comes with 2 Windows RDP user licenses. Additional Windows RDP licenses can be purchased for a fee.

Dedicated Kernel
Every servelet or VM comes with a dedicated server kernel. This ensures all applications hosted on the VM are isolated securely from intrusions from other VMs, because each VM never shares the same functions or installations as other VMs.

Unique IPV4 Address
Every servelet comes with 1 x unique, public IPv4 address. Additional IP addresses for each servelet or VM can be purchased.

Unique IPv6 Class
Every customer is entitled to up to a /64 class of IPv6 addresses. Larger IPv6 classes of /56 and /48 are also available for additional charges.

Console into server from Dashboard
Users can console directly into their server from the SimplerCloud dashboard.

Server launches in minutes
All SimplerCloud cloud servers deploy in less than a few minutes. Every servelet or VM is ready for use within a few minutes of launch.

Upgrade in real time
All SimplerCloud cloud servers can be upgraded in real time. Upgrades can be performed by stopping the server, selecting the new plan or components to be added, submitting the order and re-starting the server. Upgrades take only a few minutes to complete and the newly sized servers can be deployed immediately.

Stop, start server, change password

SimplerCloud servers have maximum flexibility, allowing server administrators to stop and restart their server through the SimplerCloud dashboard, as well as change the server’s password.

Rebuild server with a new OS template or application framework

All SimplerCloud servers can be rebuilt with completely new OS or application frameworks. Server administrators can do this conveniently from their SimplerClud dashboard an unlimited number of times. Servers can also be rebuilt with custom ISOs supplied by server administrators themselves. All server rebuilds are automatic and servers launch with the new OS templates in minutes. For the full list of available OS templates, please < LINK>

Attach your own custom ISO
Server administrators with their own custom Linux ISOs can self-install their ISOs on their own servelets or VMs. Please request directions by opening a SimplerCloud ticket.

Free, unlimited DNS Manager
The SimplerCloud dashboard comes with a free DNS Manager tool for users to create and manage unlimited domain name entries on their own name server.

All Linux, Windows Templates and Major Applications
SimplerCloud servers can deploy with automatic installations of all major versions of Linux OS and Windows OS. Server administrators can also choose deployments with built-in installations of many popular application frameworks such as Docker, Ruby on Rails, Django and Python, all major databases such as Microsoft SQL, mysql, postgresql, and popular software such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento. This allows administrators to launch servers with a fully configured environment that is ready for use, saving time and resources. Administrators can also request If the software you are looking for is not yet available, you can request us to install it for you or to create a template for it.

Private Template
Servelet or VM administrators who deploy multiple servelets with the same configuration stack can create a “private template” of the stack and deploy it every time they launch a new servelet or VM. This allows them to quickly and conveniently launch multiple servelets with the same stack, without having to configure each servelet or VM individually. This key feature saves administrators a substantial amount of time.

Configure and launch multiple servelets from single dashboard
The SimplerCloud Virtual Private Cloud dashboard allows administrators to configure unlimited VMs from the central pool of resources of the Virtual Private Cloud plan. Administrators can customize each VM in terms of RAM, storage and number of cores. The VMs can be configured, deployed and destroyed at convenience. Administrators can also manage additional networking features such as the network firewall, load balancing, and VPN. All VMs will have the same features as every individual SimplerCloud servelet other than the computing resources, which are configured by the administrator.

Load Balancing
The Virtual Private Cloud allows administrators to load balancing between two or more VMs or servelets through the Virtual Private Cloud dashboard.

Administrators can configure unlimited firewall rules according to their own corporate security policies, allowing users to have custom control over their own secure, isolated network within the SimplerCloud data center.

site to site VPN
The SimplerCloud Virtual Private Cloud is capable of establishing a fixed, secure VPN with any physical IPSEC-compliant device such as a firwall or a router in a remote location such as an office. This allows users to create a hybrid cloud environment for in which secure access to office data can be established behind a secure firewall. Remote VPN access can also be created for travelling users.

Hybrid Cloud
The SimplerCloud Virtual Private Cloud can be configured to establish a secure site-to-site VPN connection with IPSec compliant devices like firewalls or certain routers. This will allow for users to access the VPC cluster directly and securely from a single or multiple location through secure tunnels. Similar arrangements can also be configured with the SimplerCloud Dedicated Private Cloud Suites and Dedicated Servers.

Easy, plan-based billing
All SimplerCloud plans are packaged with fixed resources and fixed, plan-based monthly invoicing for simple account management.

Additional SSD storage can be purchased.

Automatic pro-rated upgrades
SimplerCloud cloud plans can be automatically upgraded in real-time through the SimplerCloud dashboard. Users can do so by stopping their server, select the new plan to upgrade to, and re-start the server. They will be pro-rated the difference in plan increase.

Recuring billing through PayPal/ credit card
For convenience, customers can make recurring payment subscriptions through PayPal or credit card so that all monthly payments are automated. Customers can also cancel all subscriptions at any time.

Partner and Customer Rebates
Under the SimplerCloud Partner Program, customers can get additional partner discounts and rebates on top of any current promotion.

Additional Software Installation (Custom)
All server plans come with administrative access, SimplerCloud engineers can also provide assistance to install services for any commercially available or well-established software on your servelet or server plan. Work is usually done on a per-hour or per-project basis. Custom quotations can be provided for multiple tasks such as server hardening combined with application installation. This allows corporate users to comfortably replicate and migrate their previous software environment on a new SimplerCloud VM or servelet.

Server Management, Upgrades, patches
SimplerCloud provides different system administration plans (LINK) to cover server maintenance and administration for all cloud server customrs. Users can provide a list of regular tasks for SimplerCloud to perform on a weekly or monthly basis to manage their servers, or request ad hoc administration services such as trouble-shooting, re-installation or critical patching. These flexible plans means that all SimplerCloud cloud plans are suitable for companies that have their own system administration teams as well as organizations that need add-on server management work on regular or semi-regular basis.

Content Migration fom Other Host
SimplerCloud engineers can provide migration services for email and Content Management System services such as Plesk, cPanel and others. Work is usualy done on a per-hour or per-project basis, depending on the nature of the workscope.

Firewall (Shared / Dedicated)
SimplerCloud provids software and hardware firewall add-on services that can suit various firewall management policies. SimplerCloud engineers can also provide firewall management solutions.