Idera Backup

Reliable Linux Hosting

Hosting your website on our robust infrastructure gives you the assurance that your website will always be available to your users. Our 99.5% uptime commitment gives you peace of mind to run your business. All hosting plans include:

  • Backup of multiple servelets into one single account

  • Faster backup using CDP (Continuous Data Protection) technology

  • Flexibility with solutions for every size and type of servelets and dedicated servers.

  • Easy and quick restoration from the Online Backup Portal

  • Using advanced technology from Idera (previously known as R1Soft)

  • Support different type of OSes: Linux and Windows

Why Host With us?

  • Experience: SNAPIHOST is a division of ICONZ-Webvisions. As a group, ICONZ-Webvisions has over 20 years of experience in shared hosting business.
  • Get started in minutes: One of the popular domain, email and web hosting service providers in ASEAN
  • Local Support: One Stop Shop shared hosting service from product queries, to payment of one bill
  • Easy to manage: First Class online management tools

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