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Do you have [ insert application e.g. Plesk / cPanel / WordPress ] servers?

All SimplerCloud servelets come with the following pre-installation options:

  1. All major Linux OS templates
  2. All major Windows OS and SQL templates
  3. Several popular applications such as: Plesk, cPanel, DirectAdmin, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento
  4. Several popular programming frameworks such as: Ruby, LAMP, LEMP, codeIgnite

New templates and applications are added on a monthly basis. Please click to see our Changelog, showing the latest Template additions and updates.

If you have a preferred OS or application that you would like us to template so you ca automatically install it, you can contact us through this web form to let us know.

To see the latest list of OS templates, you can go to the order form, select a plan, and pull down the OS template menu. Some options, such as Windows OS and SQL, are available from the M plan and up only because of the required computing resources.

Where are your servers hosted?

In Singapore, our cloud architecture POP is at 1-Net Singapore, a Tier-3 data center, which has peering with Starhub and SingTel. Additional POPs in the region are planned for the future.

Here is more information about our data center and bandwidth.

Do you have a speed test?

Here’s the link to speed test from our Singapore network:

Singapore SG1:

Can I have a trial server?

For security purposes, we do not provide trial servers for any purpose.
We do suggest the following options:

You would like to test if an application works, and will sign up if it’s confirmed everything is OK

Our minimum billing term is only 1 month, and our servers launch in minutes, making them ideal for staging purposes. We encourage you to purchase a small plan (see our prices here) and configure your application to test that it works. You can cancel the service if you do not want to use it after 1 month.

You would like a server for short-term use

Our minimum billing term is 1 month, making it suitable for short-term campaigns.

You would like to test the speed of access from one location/ different locations

Please visit our speed test link here and download the object to check for acceptable speeds.

What is a servelet?

A servelet is a Virtual Machine (VM).
It comes with the following.

  • Full root access

  • 1 IP address

  • Automatic High-Availabilty Failover

  • Choice of OS Template when signing up (some templates require additional license fees)

  • Ability to stop, restart, rebuild and reset password through the SimplerCloud panel

  • Ability to console into server through the SimplerCloud panel

For more about servelets, please view our Simple Servelets prices page

Are Virtual Private Servers or VPS the same as Servelets?

Yes you can. Several customers with VPS at other providers have successfully migrated their contents to SimplerCloud servelets.

Our Servelets are full servers with root access, so purchasing one is similar to getting a dedicated server or having Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with full root access. However, please do take note of the following:

Differences between using Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Cloud Servers

By default, all SimplerCloud servelets are fully self-manageable. This means that unless additional System Administration services are purchased, users must maintain and configure the servers themselves. Some activity that users will need to be aware of when maintaining their SimplerCloud servers include:

  1. Running data backups (we have a Idera Cloud Backup service as an additional option or you can use your server configuration panel such as cPanel to do it)
  2. Hardening and Patching the Server
  3. Trouble-shooting Email / Web / Panel Logs
  4. Updating the OS and all applications
  5. Installing additional applications, plugins, etc.

Auto-Install Many Frameworks and Applications

Many common server management panels (cPanel, Plesk, more), applications (WordPress, Magento), customer management systems (Joomla, Drupal, more), are already provided as free templates at installation. You can select to auto-install items when your server is launched. Here is more information:

  1. We already offer 1-click installation of many application frameworks easily (Joomla, Ruby on Rails etc) easily and free from our online menus.
  2. If your preferred template is not available, you can contact us to check if we’re already working on launching it soon.
  3. Private Templates allow you to configure your application once, and create a custom order template for launching the same configuration on additional multiple servers. Contact us for Private Template prices and details.

Server Management Services

We provide ad hoc to monthly System Administration services that cover the whole range of system and application scenarios. Some services are listed below but for a full list, please click to view our System Administration services.

  1. Ad hoc system administrator support for application trouble-shooting
  2. Monthly system administrator services (covers various tasks such as server checks, latest patches, cPanel troubleshooting or configuration, Plesk panel troubleshooting or configuration, others)
  3. Security response services

You can also read more about the differences between root access virtual private hosting, or KVM / Xen virtual private servers and our cloud servers. You can also read about the differences between traditional vps or virtual private hosting, dedicated servers, and our cloud servers.

Do you allow gaming, mass mailing or adult material?

Our servers cannot be used for gaming or as game server, or for spamming activity & adult material.

For more information on what isn’t allowed, please refer to our Acceptable Use Policy in our Service Agreement .

What is your bandwidth?

We have 3 x 1 Gbps links to our upstream providers with 1.2 Gbps committed bandwidth. We don’t share (and thus, oversell) bandwidth, neither do we commit (and dedicate) throughput to each customer. We will upgrade and increase bandwidth as we grow. We will ensure that we have more than double the utilized average capacity. At the moment we have three 100 Mbps dedicated connections so if you can pull in 100 Mbps (depending on your upstream) you will be able to receive that. More importantly, we can scale up to 10 Gbps as the data center has sufficient fiber. Put another way you won’t be seeing performance differentials between another Singapore provider or SimplerCloud as far as bandwidth is concerned.

If you are seeing different results, we’re happy to help you with best-effort troubleshooting if you log a request through our customer portal and provide us the necessary contextual details.

SimplerCloud Singapore Network Connectivity

Our Singapore network is hosted in 1-Net Singapore data center, allowing us to have connections to both SingNet/SingTel and Starhub network via 1-Net.

On top of that, we also have transit connectivity to Hurricane Electric (HE), a leading and tier-1 global Internet service provider, providing us with great Internet connectivity around the globe. Hurricane Electric is the world’s top #1 most connected IPv4 Internet Backbone Network and the #1 largest and most connected IPv6 Internet Backbone Network.

Last but not least, we are also connected to and a member of Singapore Internet Exchange (SGIX), allowing us to have diverse connections to major networks and service providers in Singapore and the region. Full list below.

Transit Backbone Networks

Singapore Internet Exchange (SGIX)

Within Singapore Internet Exchange (SGIX) network, we are directly connected to these networks:

  • Microsoft
  • Google (Singapore)
  • M1
  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Verisign
  • Apple Computer
  • New Media Express
  • LGA Telecom
  • Packet Clearing House / WoodyNet
  • OSINet
  • Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telin)
  • Matrix Networks / NAP Info (Indonesia)
  • Mora Telematika (Indonesia)
  • Digisat (Indonesia)
  • Time (Malaysia)
  • Maxis Broadband (Malaysia)
  • True International Gateway (Thailand)
  • Super Broadband Network (Thailand)
  • BBConnect (Thailand)
  • OVH (France)
  • ViewQWest
  • Super Internet
  • Campana MYTHIC (Myanmar)

Do you provide DNS hosting?

Yes, DNS hosting is provided free. Please refer to our Knowledge Base.

What else do Servelets come with?

In addition to many OS Templates, SimplerCloud servelets are pre-loaded with useful applications that can be installed with a single click to save time to market. Just select them from the menu when ordering.

The current list of pre-loaded applications include:

  1. Plesk

  2. DirectAdmin

  3. cPanel/WHM (full – unlimited)
  4. LAMP
  5. LEMPstack
  6. Joomla
  7. WordPress
  8. Drupal
  9. TomCat + MySQL
  10. Ruby on Rails
  11. Code Ignite

We will also constantly be adding applications and more OS Templates over time.

More information on how to manage or configure your applications is in the Knowledgebase.

Can you configure [ Insert Software ] for me?

Yes, we can install any software or application on your server for you.

To start, please contact us using this contact form, and provide us with the following:

  1. The official software documentation page
  2. The computing requirements, as provided by the software vendor
  3. Any additional configuration diagrams or instruction provided by the software vendor

We will provide you a quote based on the number of hours required. In cases where the application is common and will be frequently requested, we may also create a template for it so customers can install it instantly from the OS Template menu when purchasing their server.

Do you offer Docker containers?

Docker is available as an OS Templates for all servelets or VMs.  Select the Docker OS template when ordering your servelet. Once your servelet is launched, you can create multiple Docker containers within your servelet.

For more about how to configure and manage your Docker servelet, see “How to use Docker

We do not offer managed Docker hosting or managed containers.

Can you install and create Docker containers for me?

Yes, we can.  Although you can launch a full Docker servelet by selecting Docker from the OS Template, and then try your hand at creating your own Docker containers, we can also do it and end-to-end installation for you.  We provide full Docker container creation, configuration and management under our System Administration service and will charge you only for the time taken.

You can provide us more information about by dropping us a note with more details.


Billing and Orders

What is your refund policy?

Unless pre-arranged exceptions are made, we do not provide refunds on any service or account credit.

If you are concerned about a specific support or questions, we are happy to answer any pre-sales questions you may have, and our smallest plan is a good option to use as a trial for any hosting needs you want to test out.

Here’s more information that might help you before signing up

  1. The minimum billing term is monthly
  2. If you are concerned about access speeds, please click here to check out our speed test before signing up
  3. We do not allow gaming servers, unsolicited email spam servers, bots or porn material. To see our full acceptable use policy, please click to see our Service Agreement.
  4. Please contact us with any other presales concerns you may have, we are always timely and friendly in our response

What kind of payment do you accept?

Payments are in USD and through PayPal or credit card.

All payments must be made before order will be processed.

Payments in SGD and IDR are accepted above certain amounts. Read more about Bank Transfers & Cheques

Read more about payments.

How will I be billed for my Servelet? What is the minimum commitment?

Invoices are automatically generated through your SimplerCloud panel. Invoices are available in PDF and can be printed.

With the exception of bare metal, co-location and custom services, all plans are billed on a monthly basis.

What happens when I Submit my Servelet Order? How Long Does It Take?

All servelet plans are currently billed on a monthly basis. The minimum commitment is one month.

Servelets launch in minutes from completed orders. For more about how to order a servelet, please refer to our knowledge base article.

Invoices and Receipts

Yes, all invoices and receipts are accessible in your customer management panel, and can be printed at any time.


Servelets & Other Services

Do you provide IPv6?

Yes, every servelet in the Simple servelet range comes with 1 x static IPv6 address free.

IPv6 addresses are issued upon request. Additional IPv6 addresses can also be purchased.


Please follow this link to find out more about  IPv6 Address & prices of additional IPv6 addresses.

How much is an additional IPv4 address?

Every servelet automatically comes with 1 unique Internet IPv4 address. Additional IP addresses are $5/month. They can be ordered directly through the SimplerCloud panel.

How many additional IPv4 addresses can each account have?

Every customer account is limited to 4 additional IP addresses per servelet. Exceptions apply to bare metal, co-location and custom contracts. You may raise this limit by contacting us through your SimplerCloud account and providing the reason you need more IP addresses. You can also ask for more IPs by contacting us before signing up.

What languages do you communicate in?

We have a wide range of customers in the Asian region and currently provide fluent sales assistance and technical support by email ticket in Mandarin, Indonesia Bahasa and English.

We also have working knowledge of Malay, as Malay and Indonesia Bahasa are similar.

How do I access my Servelet (VM), how does it work?

The Servelet is a server with its own Operating System. You can access and manage your Servelet from the SimplerCloud Customer Portal.

After a servelet is created, you can access the servelet remotely using SSH (for Unix servelets) or Remote Desktop Connection (for Windows servelets). If you cannot access your servelet remotely, you can use the Console function on the customer portal to gain console access to your servelet.

More information can be found at the Knowledge Base.

What technical support comes with Servelets?

SimplerCloud Servelets are 100% self-manageable Virtual Machine servers. The infrastructure is very easy-to-use and you can install and administer it just like physical hardware. You will have the root password to do so.

SimplerCloud is responsible for the cloud infrastructure, resources, network and architecture. The servelets are to be self-managed by customers. You may also refer to our Customer Agreement page to find out more.

Additional technical support for application, OS and server management can be purchased at $50/hour, or on various ad-hoc or monthly plans. Please see our System Administration services page for full details. We provide a range of services that cover content migration, trouble-shooting, server panel management and security response work.

How are SimplerCloud servelets different from Shared Hosting or traditional Virtual Private Servers (VPS)?

Shared hosting solutions usually only give you access to your server through a web control panel, where you can manage a number of websites hosted on that server.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) usually refer to software-based virtualized servers.  Traditional VPS providers multiplex larger dedicated servers and allow customers to “share.”  They utilize container technology to isolate multiple users on a single server from one another whilst running a single shared instance of the operating system.

SimplerCloud Servelets technology enables every user to run their own isolated copy of an operating system of their choice, providing a greater choice of operating systems, higher performance, deeper configurability, and stronger isolation and security guarantees. With our cloud server, you get full administrator control over your server and the ability to install any software you like and configure it exactly how you wish.

What is the difference between SimplerCloud Servlets and Dedicated Servers?

A traditional dedicated server plan will usual comprise an initial set-up fee, an annual contract (or longer), and much higher price points than a cloud service.  Dedicated servers are provisioned as individual servers with OS and other customized software licenses.  In Asia, hard copy signature contracts are also still usually required. The lead time is 3 to as many as 14 days. When there are specification changes, this same process applies.  Additionally, you pay for the server 24 hours a day, not just when you want it up and running.
SimplerCloud Servelets are deployed in real time and are ready for use in 5 minutes on average upon order confirmation.  They are managed from our simple,  easy-to-use control panel and have no set-up charge, a low minimum price point, and no contract commitments.  As your requirements change, you can scale up and down the resources you use instantly, and can (soon) even pay-as-you-go for just the hours your servers are running.
SimplerCloud’s key advantage is “on-the-fly” resource scaling: you can change your RAM, expand disk size, and bandwidth limits by upgrading to another Servelet plan immediately.  This is not possible with a dedicated server.

Are SimplerCloud servelets the same thing as low-end KVM VPS hosting?

Our cloud servers are KVM Virtual Private Servers (VPS) running on high performance SSD drives.

A SimplerCloud Servelet is a full server with your choice of OS and configuration panel.  It has a dedicated kernel, with the same advantages of instant deployment, instant resizing (upgrade or downgrade your plan automatically, on the fly), centralized storage, and full high-availability failover in the event of physical node failure.  But it is not the same as typical or traditional virtual private server hosting. For the differences between our cloud hosting and virtual private servers, see here

In other words, SimplerCloud servelets are like KVM VPS, but slightly better, and therefore excellent value at the prices given.

Do you provide bare metal servers?

Yes, we do. Please contact us with your requirement so we can provide you a quotation.


About SimplerCloud

Why did you start SimplerCloud?

We started SimplerCloud to bring “true” cloud computing to businesses and start-ups who need real cloud hosting in Asia.

We have built our own cloud stack from newer 2nd-generation cloud technologies such as KVM, Cloudstack, Ceph storage and Hostbill to provide servers that launch instantly, scale easily, and deliver many options in terms of OS, server panels, and application frameworks. Because we do not use expensive legacy or end-to-end virtualization platforms, we are able to pass cost savings directly back to our customers.

Our 15 years’ of web hosting and advanced managed services hosting in Asia gives us unique perspective and the experience to deliver reliable and affordable cloud services to the Asian market with confidence and ease.

For example, we provide fast support in three languages, and also offer system administration services, consultancy and managed services to assist businesses and agencies who want to focus on their core.

To find out more about us, please visit About Us page. You can also click to read more about What Makes Us Different.

What is SimplerCloud cloud hosting about?

SimplerCloud servers (known as Servelets) are on-demand, scalable, virtualized servers accessible over the internet.

SimplerCloud servers are Singapore’s first true self-manageable SSD cloud servers. Unlike other Asian web hosting providers, the servers are fully self-manageble, with a high-degree of optional add-on system administration support

  1. 100% SSD for ultra-fast performance
  2. Launch automatically within minutes of order
  3. Can be upgraded in real time
  4. Can be rebuilt
  5. Have dedicated kernel
  6. Can be stopped, started and have password reset through console
  7. Have full server access (root) for full self-manageability and configuration

In addition

  1. Free DNS manager (Unlimited)
  2. Built-in CloudFlare management
  3. All OS options
  4. Several application and frameworks – auto-installed
  5. Built-in High-Availability
  6. High-level first-response technical support: guidance and assistance where possible

For more about SimplerCloud’s mission and background, please refer to About Us page.

How do you compare to other Asia Cloud Hosting Providers?

We have custom built our own stack from 2nd-generation cloud hosting apps and new technology to deliver better cloud hosting convenience in automation, billing, service and performance, especially for businesses and startups in the Asian market.

We believe that SimplerCloud Servelets and Private Cloud deliver built-from-the-ground cloud infrastructure service that is faster, easier to use, and more affordable than anything found in the Asian market today.

When it comes to the Asia Cloud Hosting market, we are one of the few 100% Asian providers to offer true SSD cloud servers that are :

  1. 100% self-manageable
  2. with High-Availability failover included free
  3. with true cloud features: dedicated kernel, distributed cloud storage (not physical), real-time scalable
  4. have no long-term contracts
  5. in a Tier-3 Singapore Data Center with diverse local and regional connectivity

Strong Support for Small Business

Unlike lower cost global SSD providers, we do not provide a 100% “self-service” customer support framework. We provide a high degree of first-response guided assistance, and a comprehensive range of ad-hoc and monthly system support.

Many of our Asia Cloud Hosting customers are actually small businesses that want their won dedicated cloud server for business or ERP applications, web and email, or other online apps that benefit from dedicated Asia Cloud hosting.

Compared to Overpriced “Not Really Cloud” Hosting in Asia

In Asia, many hosting companies still use bloated, legacy hosting infrastructure platforms and pass high, enterprise-level costs down to their customers. Today, cloud hosting customers are often still subject to annual contracts and high deployment lead time for “cloud hosting.”

Expensive, (unnecessarily) complicated global cloud resource providers

Unlike many high-end and large-scale global providers that are everywhere in Asia, SimplerCloud does not package computing components by the individual resource. The latter results in expensive and complicated plans. Our plans are packaged like web hosting plans so business owners and technical administrators alike can understand and understand and manage their server plans easily.

All plans are true cloud plans, with minimum monthly commitment required. Here are the true features of cloud computing that come with every plan.

  1. Every Simple Servelet has a dedicated kernel
  2. True distributed cloud storage layer, not physical storage
  3. Every Servelet comes with High Availability Failover for no additional fee
  4. Every Servelet is priced for actual usable space, excluding space used by the OS (important for Windows users)

Bringing cloud server advantages to businesses

For many businesses, this means you can now run dedicated servelets (VMs) for enterprise applications at affordable rates instead of renting full-scale dedicated servers. This is especially so because SimplerCloud provides friendly add-on server management services. Here are the advantages:

  1. With optional ad hoc to full server management from SimplerCloud, businesses can have their own dedicated server resources for email, application, storage and other businesses processes, without having to maintain full-time IT staff.
  2. Fully scalable servelets and Private Cloud administration allow for multiple-tier network configurations

By delivering the true benefits of the cloud at affordable prices, SimplerCloud is the perfect cloud hosting partner for application developers, businesses, and anybody that wants fast, scalable, cloud hosting.

Who is SimplerCloud for?

SimplerCloud servers are a good fit if you are looking for the following:

  1. Affordable dedicated VM and private cloud servers for running ERP or other business applications with add on management (through System Administration plans)
  2. Servers for hosting mobile apps
  3. Fully Self-Manageable servers for any purpose conforming to our Acceptable Use Policy
  4. WordPress, cPanel, Plesk, Email or other application servers
  5. Higher performance servers with short term commitment for hosting staging or demo apps
  6. Servers that launch instantly, and with flexibility in resources (can be rebuilt and upgraded in real-time)
  7. Multiple servers with different OS and instant frameworks from same provider

For this reason, SimplerCloud solutions is useful for web developers, web designers and any organization that wants to launch and scale their applications quickly. It is also suitable for small businesses and start-ups.

Are you profitable?

Yes, we are fully profitable.

What will happen to my services if you close down?

While this concern is a natural part of any evaluation process for service providers, here are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t be worried about purchasing services from us.

  1. Our team has a strong reputation in web & managed cloud hosting in Asia. Click here to find out more about our team and our Board of Advisors
  2. Our happy and wide range of customers
  3. Our service agreement clearly states terms of performance
  4. Our wide range of services, including Simple Servelets, Private Cloud and System Administration have a fixed monthly billing cycle, minimizing any financial loss

However, in the event that we no longer run the business, we will look for another reputable provider to take over the services and work to ensure there is a smooth transition.

Investor Information

At present, we are 100% self-funded and fully profitable.

For requests for partnership, business tie-ups and investment discussions, please use our contact form to indicate your interest and we will get back to you as soon