A map of our customer locations

A partial map of some of our customer locations

More Customer Comments

“Indra has been very helpful & prompt in assisting us. Thanks for the support thus far! ”

– M. Arlany, Lee Wee & Brothers’ Foodstuff Pte Ltd

“As I am doing more and more development work now on Simplercloud, I have been giving them tons of troubles and weird requests, Indra has been fantastic and fast in dealing with them. Two thumbs up.”

– Boon

We’ve bought a Cloud from you and found that we really loved the level and quality of services from SimplerCloud – it was really better than even some of the other local companies that we currently work with!

– Leong

I’m pretty pleased with the performance at simpler cloud and will be using it for my operations.
Network performance has been good and reliable. [ Another Company ] did disappoint me sometimes as they were being DDOSed. Their IPs have a terrible reputation.

– Lai

Thank you very much for your fast response, and kind cooperation to my request.  I’ve checked it out and everything seems to be well-performed.

– Maryadi Aris Munandar

OMG, I am in love with SimplerCloud.. very fast network

– William Theophilus

I use the @Simplercloud server for tunnellingand it was a great response.. J cheers to your cloud server

– isky