Cloud Hosting Updates from SimplerCloud

Oct 2018

We have special offers and promocodes for customers and booth visitors, exclusively at our Cloud Expo Asia 2018 booth from 10-11 October 2018.

Oct 2017

As a returning Bronze Sponsor, visit our booth at Cloud Expo Asia 2018 for special offers and promocodes, exclusively on 10-11 October 2018.

May 2017

We have special offers and promocodes for customers and booth visitors, exclusively at our CommunicAsia booth from 23-25 May 2017.

July 2016

FridayFeeds-Durians_reg button_8Jul16reesized

Join us at Friday Feeds on 8 July, 5-6 PM for an evening of durians and networking.  Hurry – the durian season is ending soon.  All are welcome but by RSVP only.  Register at NUS-E’s Friday’s Feeds.

March 2016

IPv6 Availability

We’re pleased to announce IPv6 availability after our concluding our beta-testing. Read more about how to request and configure IPv6 addresses for your servelets: IPv6 in SimplerCloud

Docker Availability


Docker OS Templates are now available.  Save configuration time and launch Docker servers on high-performance SSD servers now.  Check out our Knowledge Base article on how to use and work with Docker containers.

February 2016

Singapore Cloud Hosting 25% Off

New Promotion for Chinese New Year 2016 – get the details of our latest promocode for 25% off here.

October 2015

Cloud Expo Asia 2015 – BOOTH H26

We will be at Cloud Expo Asia 2015 on 28 and 29 October 2015, the largest cloud technology event in Asia this year – look for us at BOOTH H26, and check out our 2-day Booth Offers with special exclusives just for customers.

Not yet registered? You can register for free here.

IPv6 Test-Bed Implementation

We have commenced IPv6 testing for all servelets – read more about it here.

Take 30% Off Promotion

Click for more details

June 2015


We have several new promotions this month:

Check out our expanded range of system administration services, security response, covering server migration and application trouble-shooting.  New plans cover ad-hoc response as well as regular assistance requests.

New: Security & WordPress System Administration Server Management

Check out our expanded range of system administration services, security response, covering server migration and application trouble-shooting.  New plans cover ad-hoc response as well as regular assistance requests.

April 2015

InnovFest unBound Singapore

Look for us at InnovFest 2015 on 28-9 April, Suntec City.  More about InnovFest Unbound (NUS)


Critical Advisory

Critical Customer Alert: HTTP.sys Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Affecting Windows Systems (CVE-2015-1635) – Courtesy Notification

Promocode APRIL30 for 30% off in April

april30-facebook (1)

30% all hosting plans in April 2015! Check out the details.

Mar 2015

Critical Advisory

Critical Customer Alert: FREAK Attack Vulnerability – courtesy alert on how to address and fix.

Feb 2015

Lucky Bonus – Up to $88 Hongbao!


Happy Lunar New Year 2015! We have a special lucky Hongbao for all customers, with up to $88 in celeberation bonus promotions.

Check out Lucky Hongbao Promotion now

Jan 2015

 Facebook Offer – 35% Off

35offer-frontpage (1)

Happy New Year! We have a great offer for 35% off any new SimplerCloud public or private cloud purchase (one-time only).  Claim your Facebook offer today, and check out the terms and conditions.

Nov 2014

Critical Advisory

Critical Customer Alert: Microsoft Windows Schannel Vulnerability – courtesy alert on how to address and fix.

Accelerate with iAxil


We’re happy to announce a special partnership with iAxil to offer members of iAxil programs a unique discount across many of our virtual private server, cloud and private cloud plans.  We have a long background in supporting businesses and startups, and are so happy to have this opportunity to show our support – if you’re a member of iAxil’s many business acceleration initiatives, find out more about your exclusive SimplerCloud discount here.

Special offer for Startup Jakarta visitors!

ScreenHunter_1570 Nov. 23 13.15

We’ll be at Booth 46 at Startup Jakarta, Plaza Bapindo, 26-7 November! Visit us at our booth for a special discount for 45% off the first month of Simple and Private Cloud plans.

Oct 2014

Cloud Expo Asia 2014

ScreenHunter_1550 Oct. 27 20.21

Visit us at Booth SP15 at Cloud Expo Asia; we have a very special promotion with our partner Media Labs Innovation Pte Ltd.  And if you drop by and sign up on the spot, you will get additional $5 bonus credit in your account.  Check out the details here.

Sept 2014

Critical Advisory

Critical Customer Alert regarding Bash Bug/ Shellshock – how to address, and how to request system administration services for fix.

All relevant SimplerCloud systems are upated with the latest Shellshock/Bashbug patches.

We are 1! Anniversary Promotions

Check our our amazing promotions.

  • 40% off all our monthly hosting plans: Simple servelets, private cloud range and Idera Online Backup
  • Up to $40 credit for customers adding funds to their accounts.

Aug 2014

Exclusive Facebook Promos

There’s a a new discount offer exclusively for our Facebook followers every week for the next few months. Follow our Facebook page to get the offers, or there’s a full list here.

facebooksummary (2)

Domain Name Registrations & New GTLDs

1-Aug: 75 new domain extensions added.

Check and register now

Registration tips 

GTLD roll-out list

Confused about GTLDs? Start here

July 2014

Domain Name Registrations & New GTLDs

Please check our domain registration and eligibility prices on our updated domain registrations page. We also now offer new many new GTLDs – refer to our roll-out list for more information.

June 2014

Security Advisory: OpenSSL Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Flaw

All SimplerCloud systems are not vulnerable to the recently announced Man-in-the-Middle (MTM) flaw.  Please read our advisory here on what has been done as well as what you can do to check your servers for yourself.


1. Get 1 month free when you sign up or renew your plan for 4 months.  Save up to $160.

2. Get 30% off any new Servelet plan with JUNE-SIMPLIFY.  Please see terms & conditions.

Get the details at our promotion page.

May 2014

New: Virtual Private Cloud

Maintain your own corporate private cloud within the SimplerCloud public cloud network with our new Virtual Private Cloud. Within your own VPC, you can also launch VPNs, network firewalls and set up load balancing. Also read more about it on our blog post about our Virtual Private Cloud service.

Apr 2014

Promotion: 50% Off Upgrades & New Plans

Promotion: Get 50% off the first month of any Servelet upgrade or new plan sign up.

New Service: Idera Online Backup

Online backup services with Idera are now available for SimplerCloud servelets.This is in addition to snapshot backups, which have been available for some time.

Security Advisory: CVE-2014-0160 aka “Heartbleed”

All SimplerCloud systems have been upgraded and are not vulnerable to Heartbleed. For SimplerCloud customers, a courtesy advisory is available in your panel, including basic instructions on how to check your OpenSSL version and how to proceed. System administration services are also available for your assistance. Please refer to Security Advisory.

Mar 2014

Bandwidth Upgrade

We have upgraded our network. See details.

Feb 2014

Promotion: February Special – Up to 50% Off

For a limited period only, get up to 50% off the first month of our plans – savings of up to $80.   More details.

New Service: System Administration – OS Patching & Hardening

Introducing new System Administration services for OS Patching & Hardening.

New Service: Managed Firewall Services (Host-Based)

We now offer managed firewall services, please see our blog post or visit the managed firewall services product page for more details.

Jan 2014


HacknRoll Hackathon 2014 - NUS Hackers Society
Ready to Hack & Roll? We’re a bronze sponsor of NUS Hackers Society’s 24-hour hackathon on 25-26 January 2014. This is open to all students in Singapore, find out out more.

Dec 2013

1 for 1 for the Holidays

A special, limited term promotion – find out more
1 for 1 Promotion from SimplerCloud Hosting

Nov 2013

Startup Asia Jakarta 2013

Startup Asia Jakarta 2013
We will be at Startup Asia Jakarta on 20-21 November Please look out for our booth if you would like to connect and say hello.

Cloud Asia Expo 2013

We will be at Asia’s first Cloud Asia Expo 2013 from 13-14 November 2013.   Please drop by D04 to connect up with us.

New Template options: Froxlor Control Panel Bundled with Debian

Froxlor Control Panel Bundled with Debian is now available for every SimplerCloud Servelet.

Oct 2013

New OS options: ArchLinux and OpenSUSE

New OS Templates are available for ArchLinux and OpenSUSE for every SimplerCloud Servelet.  This and more in our latest service update.

To get updated when we add new service features or products, it’s best to join our updates list – your email is never shared with anyone or used for anything  other than SimplerCloud notifications – get on list (scroll to bottom).

New Feature: Snapshot Backups Now Available for All Servelets

Snapshot Backups are now available for every SimpelrCloud cloud hosting servelet. Read more about how to use and prices in our blog post.

Sept 2013

Centralized Cloudflare CDN Management Available from All SimplerCloud Servelets

CloudFlare CDN is an internationally award-winning Content Delivery Network (CDN) application service that will enhance the speed and security of your web site.  You can now manage your CloudFlare CDN directly from your SimplerCloud server management panel. Read more about it from our blog post.

Enhancement: Plesk and cPanel are available

We are happy to announce the availability of popular server management panels Plesk and cPanel as options when you sign up for your SimplerCloud cloud hosting Servelet.  Read more about it in our blog post.