Additional Services: System Administration Services, OS Patching & Hardening, Migration, Installation

Our system administration plans deliver professional and affordable server administration that you can rely on for help with security, updates, and routine patching, as well as application-level issues that affect your production. With a range of ad-hoc or monthly plans, our team of system administration professionals can assist in many business scenarios, from  assistance with figuring out a specific server problem to if you just need to be freed up from performing simple upgrades or tasks.

A. OS Patching & OS Hardening  – one-time $60

This one-time OS Patching & OS Hardening service is performed on Linux & Windows servelets, including servelets within any Virtual Private Cloud plan, and bare metal servers.

Included in the service:

  • OS patches installation to the latest available patches.
  • Security level options tuning.
  • Disabling / turning off unnecessary services.
  • Enable appropriate logging options.
  • Setting up appropriate user access permission settings.

Not included in the service:

Fee: $60 (one-time)

B. Monthly System Administration & Server Management

The monthly system administration service plan refers to the provision of a wide range of system administration tasks for up to 3 hours a month.  Service categories cover the basic OS, web and email server trouble-shooting, installation of applications like Magento, to the management of popular server configuration panels like cPanel or Plesk, and also include basic proactive system security responsibilities. This is not a helpdesk service.

Each System Admin category should be ordered individually.

Bi. System Admin: OS and Web/Email – $80/month

  • Monthly-based system administration for OS
  • Basic trouble-shooting of web server and/or email server
  • Troubleshooting of OS-related problems
  • File server storage management
  • Moving files, clear up space
  • Applying critical updates & patches (reactive)

Bii. System Admin:  Server Configuration Panels – $20/month

  • WHM/cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin & Other Panel basic installation
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosis of panel-related issues
  • Panel patches and updates

Biii. System Admin:  Alert & Patch  – $80/month

  • Pro-active notification and updating of critical server exploits and patches
  • Scheduling server patches

C. WordPress System Administration 

WordPress server management service covers hardening and first-level recovery response to exploits.  It includes server clean-up, fresh install, and basic trouble-shooting.

Ci.  System Admin: WordPress Security Optimisation – $60

One time patching and hardening of WordPress on your servelet or bare metal server, performed after the initial installation, either self-installation, or auto-installation of WordPress from our OS Template.

Included in the service:

  • Updating WordPress to latest version
  • Securing WordPress admin account username and password, with additional layer of authentication
  • File permission settings and security review and hardening, and disabling of unnecessary services
  • Database security settings review and hardening
  • Security review of all installed plug-ins and themes, with recommendations
  • Installation of firewall plug-in for WordPress

Some of items that will be performed (not full list) are:

  • Update WordPress to the latest version
  • Rename WordPress admin account and set a good password
  • Secure and harden the file permission settings for WordPress root, wp-admin, wp-includes, wp-content, themes and plug-ins folders
  • Change file permission settings recursively across all WordPress folders and files
  • Restrict WordPress database’s user privileges
  • Change WordPress database’s table prefixes
  • Disable file editing from WordPress dashboard
  • Install and enable firewall plug-in for WordPress
  • Security checks of all installed plug-ins and themes
  • Additional username and password protection for wp-admin folder

One-time Fee: $50

Cii. System Admin: WordPress Secure Response – $80

If your WordPress server is suffering from exploits, vulnerability or has been attacked, you can purchase this service and provide a description of the problem; we will mount a damage analysis exercise, remove the infection, close the security holes and do a basic restore.

If the site damage is extensive, we will provide a more extensive quote prior to beginning of the work.

Here are the actions taken:

  • Make a WordPress backup to ensure that no further data is lost (you must provide local file upload)
  • Attempt to identify the security hole that exploit is based on, and close it
  • (Depending on situation) Clean up of infection/code; Instructions for you to do so
  • Basic check of installation for further security holes.
  • Provide basic report of steps that have been taken

Both WordPress Security Response and WordPress Security Optimisation are services that can be purchased if you have Linux server plans with WordPress installed.

One-time Fee: $80


  • SimplerCloud engineers will need root/administrator access to customer’s servelets to be able to perform any system administration service.
  • These plans only apply to servelets and bare metal servers in SimplerCloud’s cloud infrastructure.
  • Some patching and hardening tasks might cause applications to stop working. Customers should verify and ensure their applications are running after the OS patching and hardening are performed.
  • System administration services do not guarantee that that servers are 100% secure and will be free of hacking incidents.