Singapore Cloud Hosting Promotion

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40% Off with Promocode: SIMPLERIS1

Expires 22 Oct 2014

Get 40% off the first month of any SimplerCloud Cloud Hosting Servelet with the promocode SIMPLERIS1 – that’s savings of up to $396.

To redeem, eclick on Promotional Code, and enter SIMPLERIS1. The 40% will be reflected and you can check out.

40% discount applies to the following

  1. All Simple range servelets: XS to XXL

  2. All Virtual Private Cloud monthly VPC Starter to 4.

  3. Idera Online Backup – main 150GB plan

More Information: See Plans, FAQS, Speed Test, Order


  • Coupon expires 22 Oct 2014.
  • This coupon gives you 40% off the first month of the plan, subsequent months will be billed at standard price
  • Applies to upgrading to or purchasing any SimplerCloud servelet plan only: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. Virtual Private Cloud: Starter, 1, 2, 3, 4. Idera Online Backup Monthly Plan, not additionals.
  • Does not apply to additional items that are purchased with discounted plans, such as OS fees, server configuration panels, domain registrations, SSL certificates, additional IP addresses or additional server space etc.
  • All servelets, support and billing are to be done through our online customer panel at
  • All services purchased are subject to our Agreement


Save up to $396 off your first month

Use the code SIMPLERIS1 to get 40% off the first month of any SimplerCloud servelet, virtual private cloud, or Idera Online Backup plan.

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