What is SimplerCloud cloud hosting about?

SimplerCloud servers (known as Servelets) are on-demand, scalable, virtualized servers accessible over the internet.

SimplerCloud servers are Singapore’s first true self-manageable SSD cloud servers. Unlike other Asian web hosting providers, the servers are fully self-manageble, with a high-degree of optional add-on system administration support

  1. 100% SSD for ultra-fast performance
  2. Launch automatically within minutes of order
  3. Can be upgraded in real time
  4. Can be rebuilt
  5. Have dedicated kernel
  6. Can be stopped, started and have password reset through console
  7. Have full server access (root) for full self-manageability and configuration

In addition

  1. Free DNS manager (Unlimited)
  2. Built-in CloudFlare management
  3. All OS options
  4. Several application and frameworks – auto-installed
  5. Built-in High-Availability
  6. High-level first-response technical support: guidance and assistance where possible

For more about SimplerCloud’s mission and background, please refer to About Us page.