Why is SimplerCloud Cloud Hosting Different?

SimplerCloud Servelets deliver built-from-the-ground cloud infrastructure service that is faster, easier to use, and more affordable than anything found in the market today.

SimplerCloud is Cloud Hosting for Now

The cloud computing revolution should have enabled businesses and application developers to benefit from scalable, virtualized computing resources, but in Asia, many hosting companies still use bloated, legacy hosting infrastructure platforms and pass high, enterprise-level costs down to their customers. Today, cloud hosting customers are often still subject to annual contracts and high deployment lead time for “cloud hosting.”

SimplerCloud leverages 2nd-generation cloud hosting apps and new technology to deliver a true vision of cloud hosting convenience in automation, billing, service and performance.

SimplerCloud is better

The result? The Cloud, simplified.

Real-time, no-wait instant set-ups of your Servelets. Simple, easy-to-use server management panels. True benefits of virtualization and cloud computing in terms of contract-free, monthly billing and pay-as-you-use (coming soon) resources. Fast, blazing SSD servers.

By delivering the true benefits of the cloud at affordable prices, SimplerCloud is the perfect cloud hosting partner for application developers, businesses, and anybody that wants fast, scalable, cloud hosting.