Who is SimplerCloud for?

SimplerCloud servers are a good fit if you are looking for the following:

  1. Affordable dedicated VM and private cloud servers for running ERP or other business applications with add on management (through System Administration plans)
  2. Servers for hosting mobile apps
  3. Fully Self-Manageable servers for any purpose conforming to our Acceptable Use Policy
  4. WordPress, cPanel, Plesk, Email or other application servers
  5. Higher performance servers with short term commitment for hosting staging or demo apps
  6. Servers that launch instantly, and with flexibility in resources (can be rebuilt and upgraded in real-time)
  7. Multiple servers with different OS and instant frameworks from same provider

For this reason, SimplerCloud solutions is useful for web developers, web designers and any organization that wants to launch and scale their applications quickly. It is also suitable for small businesses and start-ups.