Cloud Hosting Reseller Schemes

Partner Discount Schemes

Approved SimplerCloud Partners can choose to be enrolled in either of the following:

  1. Credit Bonus
  2. Quarterly Rebate

What is Partner Credit Bonus?

Partners under this discount scheme get a fixed upfront credit when they top up a qualifying amount of credit to their account. As credits can be used to purchase any service or pay for any outstanding invoices, the Partner Credit Bonus is the equivalent of getting 11% or more off valid SimplerCloud services. The Qualifying Amount varies according to the Rebate Schedule – refer to the latest Rebate Schedule for the current details.
Dedicated Servers, Co-Location and related managed hardware or system administration services associated with dedicated and co-location services are excluded from this scheme and have separate discounts.

What is Partner Quarterly Rebate?

Note: Partner Quarterly Rebates have been discontinued
Partners under this discount scheme will get a rebate of approximately 10% credited to their account if the Qualifying Amount on Valid Services is spent every quarter.  The Qualifying Amount is calculated from the Partner’s ongoing expenditure on new and existing services per Quarter on Qualifying Services. Refer to the Rebate Schedule for more information.

Rebate Schedule

Valid: Until December 2023 

This Rebate Schedule is subject to change or termination with 1 month notice. Any changes will be announced with 1 month notice and take place starting from the next quarter.

Partners may opt to be in either Bonus Credit or Quarterly Rebate scheme only, and not both.


Name How it Works Qualifying Amount Rebate Notes
1 Bonus Credit  A Bonus Credit will be issued to the Partner’s account when the qualifying amount is topped up.



From July 2022, qualifying Partners must maintain monthly purchase value of $250
 $90 The Bonus Credit must be requested through a support ticket (Request Details)

Bonus Credit is issued within 10 days of request, if request is valid.

Maximum of 2 Bonus Credits per Quarter

 2  Quarterly Rebate (No longer available for new applicants) $600 $60 Only expenditure in the Partner’s account on Qualifying Services applies.

Credit is issued to Partner’s account in following quarter.

Limited to One Quarterly Rebate per quarter.


Qualifying Services

Quarterly Rebate scheme refers to a Qualifying Amount comprising of purchases of these Qualifying Services within each Quarter

  • All cloud plans & additional items purchased with cloud plans
  • Idera Online Backup
  • System Administration Services for Cloud Plans
  • Domains and SSL certificates

Excluded Services

These services do not qualify

  • Dedicated servers
  • Managed services associated with dedicated services
  • Co-Location services
  • Hardware Purchases
  • System Administration Services for Dedicated Servers and Co-Location Services
  • Credit (unused or used) does not count as Service
Account Terms
  • No refunds will be issued if the Partner’s account is closed
  • Rebates are not issued as cash under any circumstances
  • If services are purchased and refunded, they will not qualify for Quarterly Rebate
  • The Quarterly Rebate scheme refers to amounts that the Partner’s account spends only

How are Quarters Measured for Partner Discounts?

A Quarter refers to a period of three months, commencing at the fixed day of January 1, 2019.  The relevant quarters in 2019 are January – March 2019, April – June 2019, July – September 2019, October – December 2-16.

Example of credit issue for Partners in Quarterly Rebate or Bonus Credit schemes:

Example 1:

If a Partner is approved for Partner Discounts and opts for Quarterly Rebate scheme starting in February 2022, he will be starting in the middle of the first Quarter, and he has up to the end of March 2022 to spend $600 or more to qualify for the Credit Rebate of $60.  His next qualifying period will be April to June 2022.

Example 2:

For a Partner in the Quarterly Rebate scheme who spends $617 in January – March 2022, a rebate of $60 will be credited to his account from April 2022 onwards.  If the Partner spends $600 in April 2022 and $600 in May 2022, he will receive a rebate of $60 in his account from July 2022 onwards.

Example 3:

For a Partner in the Bonus Credit scheme who adds $650 to his account in January 2022, a Bonus Credit of $90 will be credited to his account within 10 days from his requesting the Bonus Credit through a support ticket (see Rebate Schedule for how to request Bonus Credit), after the transaction has been verified. This will be as long as his monthly services value remain above $250

Example 4:

For a Partner in the Bonus Credit scheme who adds $650 to his account three times in January 2022, he is entitled to 2 Bonus Credits (of 2 x $90) to his account. The Bonus Credits will be credited to his account within 10 working days of his submitting 2 Bonus Credit ticket requests. This will be as long as his monthly services value remain above $250

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