Cloud Hosting Promotions


Until 2 JANUARY 2019


Use this special code on your orders to get 40% OFF the FIRST MONTH of any Simple servelets, Custom Cloud plan, and Virtual Private Cloud range.

Enjoy the holidays with 40% savings off the first month of all our cloud plans now! Hurry, this is a short term promocode – submit your order today .

  1. SIMPLE Plans – 1-5

  2. Custom Cloud Builder

  3. Virtual Private Cloud

    Service Notes:
  • The 40% discount applies to the plan fee and any included OS, and does not apply to any additional items purchased with it.
  • The 40% discount applies to the first month only. Subsequentmonth fees will be as listed.

Please see additional terms:
  • All promotions and promocodes are mutually exclusive
  • All plans are subject to our Service Agreement

    • This promocode expires 2 January 2019
    • This promocode gives you 40% off the first month of the cloud plan
    • The promocode does not apply to any additional items that are purchased with the plan, such as OS fees, server configuration panels Does not apply to additional items that are purchased with the plans, such as OS fees, server configuration panels, domain registrations, SSL certificates, additional server space, additional IP addresses etc.
    • All servelets, support and billing are to be done through our online customer panel at
    • All services purchased are subject to our Agreement

    More Information: See FAQS


    Enter the promocode under the Cart Summary box on the right, the discount for the selected cloud plan price will be reflected and you can check out.

    2. Customer Credit Bonus

    Until 2 JANUARY 2019

    Get the following bonus credit when you add funds to your SimplerCloud account from now until 2 January 2019

    Add $100 – Get $15 Bonus Credit
    Add $300 – Get $50 Bonus Credit

    How to Get Bonus Credit:

    From now until 2 January 2019, access your SimplerCloud account amd go to Account -> Add Funds

    Add $100 or $300 in these fixed amounts only

    Open a support ticket from your customer panel with SEASONSAVERSBONUS in the subject line

    We will verify and process the relevant bonus credit to your account in 7 working days after the promotion ends (i.e. after 2 January, 2019).

    What are Funds?

    When you make a payment for your service, you can pay immediately through credit card or Paypal, or use funds in your account. Funds in your account are used to purchase any SimplerCloud service, and pay for existing invoices on your account, so make use of this flexible customer offer to get better value for your plans.

    Add Funds

    To add funds to your account from your panel, go to your SimplerCloud Account -> Add Funds

      These Terms Apply Strictly

    • These top-ups are only valid for SimplerCloud customer accounts

    • Only for the first 30 top-ups in this period on a first come, first served basis

    • Applies to single top-ups of the amounts stated above only
    • Applies to top-ups between now and 2 January 2019 only
    • Maximum of 5 top-ups per account is allowed.
    • This Bonus Promotion does not apply to customers with dedicated server, co-location or other managed server accounts, including customers with special high-volume or services that have are rendered under custom quotations.
    • This promotion is mutually exclusive with any promocode, promotion, sponsorship or offers.
    • You must choose one promotion only. If you utilize any promocode, your account will not be valid for this SEASONSAVERSBONUS promotion, and vice versa. If you apply a promocode AND participate in this promotion, we will only award your account the value of one promotional offer. If you want to find out more about which promotion gives your account the most value, please first open a ticket so we can help.
    • Customer Bonus credits will applied to the account with the valid top-up only and these credits, the account or the account value are not transferable
    • If you close your account, the value of any unused cannot be withdrawn as cash or in any form whatsoever.
    • NO refunds under any circumstances will be issued for this promotion.
    • This promotion applies to new top-ups in the promotional period only. Any existing credit in your account does not qualify you for this promotion.